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Back up! Back up! Back up!


Data is the single most valuable assest a company owns.  Consider where you business would be if all your data was wiped out - customer database gone, financial records gone.  Contacts, accounts payable, orders......all gone.

Data loss can happen in many ways, the most common causes are physical failure of your PC, human error, theft, cyber attacks or disasters like fire, flood and spilled coffee!  The only way to protect a business against vulnerable data loss is by backing up regularly.

There are various options for making sure your data is backed up on a daily, weekly and monthly cycle:

  • On-site: internal backup to a Network Storage Drive (NAS), which can be connected via a Port in the Broadband Router

  • Off-site: external backup using Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox, which is a mapped drive (hard drive) on a PC or laptop.  There can be a security risk from some of the latest ransomware.

  • Off-site: external AirGap backup - using Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox, which is a regular one off, plus repeated event and does not require a mapped drive.  This provides an isolated feature from ransomware for your backed-up data

  • Backup software - there are a number of proven, low cost software packages, which will provide automatic data backup.

If you are concerned about your data backup (or lack of!) please contact us for a consultation.

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