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We strongly recommend you book in for regular IT reviews to ensure everything continues to run smoothly and to avoid a potentially costly and devastating IT catastrophe.  But what actually happens during a typical on-site client visit?  What are we checking and why? 


Here is a basic checklist of what we do to keep your PC or laptop in tip top operational health so you can concentrate on your business:

  • Operating Software – we make sure all updates, including critical patches from Microsoft are downloaded and installed, with reboots as required. Also, for security, we make sure the Administrator account is active and all other user accounts are set to standard.

  • Application Software

    • Microsoft 365 – we check it has the latest updates and that they are set to automatically install.

    • Anti-virus software – we check that the latest version and database updates from the supplier are downloaded, installed and configured for cyber security. There should be a daily quick scan regime, backed up by weekly full scans.

    • Anti–Malware Software – again, the latest version and database updates from the supplier are downloaded, installed and configured. A full scan is carried out and any malware infections removed.

    • Website Browser – we make sure the latest version is installed, together with the anti-virus extension and that pop-up blocking is present and active.

    • Accounting, Data Backup, Design, Management, Remote Support Software Packages – our clients have a number of these installed, each requiring a check to see if they have the latest version and updates, plus we check the status of any licences and renewals.

  • Data Backup – we check that the Internal, External, Air-Gap Hard Drives and Cloud backup services are still mapped to the PC/laptop and that the latest version is installed. The data backup profiles must be checked to see if they have run correctly with no error messages and modified or added to as required.  A review of the data recovery plan will be undertaken to make sure it meets the present operational requirements and changed if appropriate.

  • Printer & Scanner – we check these are connected with the correct software and profiles, plus complete test print offs and scans

  • Hardware Check – we examine the screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. for defects and wear. We test the hard drive for bad sectors and look at cables for signs of damage, then replace as required.

  • Broadband – we check your connectivity by using an online speed tester for the download & upload figures and then compare the results measured in Mbps with the Internet service provider’s package. Also, where possible, we backup the settings for the router and upgrade to the latest firmware to assist with cyber security.

  • Wi-Fi – we check the make, model, location and firmware for each wireless access point. Then, using a software App such as Wi-Fi Analytics, we measure the signal strength, channel used and perhaps detect other conflicting local Wi-Fi networks. Where necessary, we recommend changes and upgrades.



Don’t take the risk, book your monthly, quarterly or bi-annual on-site IT review with us today!

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