As an owner of a conference centre or holiday cottage, you want to be able to offer your guests a problem-free Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, which is key to their satisfaction and overall experience. However, do you have problems maintaining fast, reliable connections and now want to try a better system? If so, RuralTech maybe able to help….

We can offer business-grade wireless access points to transform the Wi-Fi offering to your guests. These can be plugged into any network with an Internet connection and run alongside any other wireless service you may already have.


Our nominated supplier, Ubiquiti Networks, provides wireless access points that offer a cloud managed solution for the Wi-Fi, which allows for complete support for guests and owner. This further gives brand awareness both in SSID Wi-Fi naming and guests having to accept a user policy agreement. The wireless access point can update its operating software, which means that the latest smartphone, tablet or laptop will always work.


Also each guest device is connected via a secure unique IP address that prevents access from other devices. When combined with real-time data, scanning and recording, there is the ability to produce accurate daily, weekly and monthly reports. All of these features allow for the Wi-Fi to be managed and exceed minimum industry standards. The end result should be a happy, connected guest.

Rachel Mee, owner of Burlton Cottages and The Spa at Burlton near Shrewsbury, says, "I no longer have guests knocking at my door complaining that the Wi-Fi isn't working!  Instead, I have satisfied guests streaming Netflix, keeping up-to-date with social media, checking emails, online shopping, etc. - not just in the cottages but also whilst using the Spa and gym.  It really is wonderful being able to provide consistent, dependable Wi-Fi in such a rural area."


Clare Downes, owner of Monkhouse Granary, located on the outskirts of Shrewsbury says, "You market yourselves as being on an equal footing with city businesses and then broadband access and speed brings you down!  I cannot emphasise enough how much difference RuralTech's input has made to our business"

If you would like to discuss options for your guest Wi-Fi, contact us!

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