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Mobile Broadband

April 2021

4G home broadband that uses the mobile network to provide home internet access

If you happen to be in an area where fixed-line access is limited and fibre to the premises (FTTP) is never going to turn up, then mobile broadband could be the solution!  Mobile broadband delivers internet connectivity to your home over a wireless network, in much the same way as you would access data on your smartphone.  It works anywhere there is a mobile signal and around 98% of the population has some level of coverage.

You can connect to mobile broadband in a number of ways: a personal Wi-Fi hotspot device, a dongle that plugs in to the USB port of a laptop, inserting a SIM card directly into you SIM-enabled laptop or tablet or using a SIM card router (this the main and most popular form).

RuralTech has recently installed an EE 4G Sim Card Router for a farming client in Shropshire whose broadband connectivity kept collapsing.  With five children all home schooling, plus a farm office and milking parlour to run and no sign of fibre to the premises arriving anytime soon, the family was desperate for a solution.  Keith connected the new EE router to the farm's original DrayTek 2862 router and the family are now enjoying download speeds of up to 60Mbps.

Benefits of mobile broadband include:

  • It is a convenient and flexible way to access the Internet

  • It's easy to set up - there is little or no set up required, you won't need an engineer to install anything and it's ready to use instantly

  • You can 'pay as you go'

  • Unlike microwave broadband, a 'line of sight' to an antenna is not required

  • If your home or business is covered by a fast 4G network, you could enjoy faster broadband speeds than fixed-line connections.

  • If the signal is poor inside your house, your supplier can usually fit an external antenna to your house that plugs into your router and will boost the signal, providing you with a better connection.

If you are frustrated with your connectivity, talk to us about mobile broadband today!

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