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The Big Switch Off 2025 - are you ready?

In 2025, the humble landline will become a thing of the past.  Businesses in particular will need to plan ahead to ensure there is no interruption in services...

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The biggest cyber security threats in 2022

The most important and significant trends affecting our online security...

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FTTP is great until it breaks

Fibre optic cables, according to Openreach, are powerful and resilient, so you can always rely on being connected.  But can you?

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How much do you really need?

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Who will deal with your online presence when you die?

Writing a will for the digital age has never been more important!


Mobile Broadband

A tried and tested option for connectivity where fibre does not reach


Wi-Fi 6: What's different & Why it matters

Wi-Fi 6 - the next generation wireless standard - is here, promising better connectivity, faster network speeds and less bandwidth congestion.


Hard Drives Do Fail!

It's a heart-stopping moment when your computer has a hard drive crash.  All those photos, videos, customer information - financial records, contacts, accounts payable, orders - can disappear in an instant.

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Connectivity for Ground Source Heat Pumps

RuralTech provides broadband connectivity for Ground Source Heat Pump

Working from Home

Working from home - the new normal?

For many of us, our homes have become our workplaces over the past few months and, despite the government now urging people to start thinking about getting back to work, a full return to the office still appears a remote prospect.

Fast internet connection with the optica

The Future is Fibre

We are a nation that expects to watch Netflix in HD, be able to download a 4K movie in seconds or start playing an online video game without it crashing.  This expectation is only going to grow and copper cables just won’t cut it anymore.


Staying in touch with friends & family

During these extraordinary times of self-isolation and reduced day-to-day contact with people, video-chatting is an important way of keeing in touch with friends and family.


Do I need to care about Cyber Security?

Cybercriminals don't discriminate.  Where there is a weakness, they will try to exploit it.  


Here are our top tips for keeing your data safe:

Covid 19

Coronavirus Outbreak

With Covid-19 now impacting every aspect of our lives, we would like to reassure you of our absolute commitment to keeping things running as normal as possible, whilst adhering to government guidelines

Working From Home

Covid-19: Working from home

Is your IT up to the task? 

And are you cyber secure?


Best practices for the operation of your router

"Most hacks are not the result of brilliant hackers, complex methodology or obscure vulnerabilities, but merely exploiting failures to implement the most basic security precautions and best practices"


What is the Dark Web?

And what threats does it pose to business?


Windows 7 has now reached 'End of Life'

If you haven't upgraded to Windows 10, your PC is now under threat!


What is IT support & why do I need it?

The importance of IT support should not be overlooked.  At some point, something will go wrong and the effects on your business could be catastrophic

AD Plant-WHG-General View1.jpg

First successful upgrade of AD Plant to Windows 10

RuralTech is celebrating its first successful upgrade of an Anaerobic Digestion Plant from Windows 7 to Windows 10


Back up! Back up! Back up!

Data is the single most valuable asset a company owns.  Consider where your business would be if all your data was wiped out.

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