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Staying in touch with friends & family

March 2020

During these extraordinary times of self-isolation and reduced day-to-day contact with people, video-chatting is an important way of keeping in touch with friends and family.

You can make a video call using a smartphone or a desktop computer.


Android Phone

If your phone is made by OnePlus, Google, Honor, Huawei, LG, Samsung or Sony, it is an Android phone.  There are plenty of free apps you can use to make video calls including Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom.


Apple Device

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, you can video call a friend using FaceTime.  The app comes pre-installed on all of these devices.  However, it only works on Apple devices, so your friend or relative must be using an iPhone, iPad or Mac too.

If your friend or relative does not use an Apple device, you can still video call them using a different app.


Desktop computer

You can also receive video calls on a desktop computer without installing any software.  Some video-calling services, such as Skype and Zoom, will let you join a chat using your computer’s web browser.


To do this, you’ll need to be invited to a video call by a friend or relative who already has the software installed.


If you need help installing one of the free apps, or setting up Skype or Zoom, please get in touch: 

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